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Oak Manor under New Ownership

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Axis Healthcare LLC is pleased to announce that the Oak Manor Rehab Center is now part of the Axis Healthcare family of quality nursing facilities. Oak Manor was part of the Aurora Portfolio prior to the acquisition and to note this new ownership, the facility will now be renamed Oak Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare.

This exciting new development brings Axis’s knowledge and experience in nursing care to the Burtonsville area and marks the beginning of a trusted new partnership with families throughout the entire region, bringing their 5-star quality care to the facility.

Axis Healthcare will be implementing a facility-wide program to adopt best practices to every facet of its nursing operation.  Axis Healthcare is excited to work with local, and state health official to implement programs that will meet the community needs as its best.

Abe Kraus, president of Axis Healthcare, succinctly sums up his vision for the future, “We are so gratified to see such a positive welcome from the community and local healthcare providers at the news of this new venture. We look forward to bringing a new era of healthcare to the entire Maryland community. Great changes are coming to Oak Manor”