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On-Site Hemodialysis

On-Site Hemodialysis

Whether recently diagnosed with kidney disease or already receiving dialysis treatment, it is important to understand your options. We can provide better care with on-site hemodialysis.

Dialysis Services

This is revolutionary for residents who require ongoing treatments. No more costly trips, hours of tiring travel, or exposure to harmful illnesses.

What is Dialysis

Dialysis is a procedure to remove waste, toxins and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly. This often involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleaned.

Normally, the kidneys filter the blood, removing harmful waste and excess fluid and turning these into urine to be passed out of the body.

Dialysis is a procedure that can help patients to increase quantity and quality of life.

Treatment is done three times a week and we accommodate the schedule to patient needs.

Dialysis Benefits

  • Our specially trained nurses administer treatments using our highly specialized equipment right in the dialysis room.
  • The process is simple and the results are outstanding.
  • Residents are more relaxed and at ease in the familiar environment and there is a notable improvements in outcomes.
  • On-Site Hemodialysis enables individualized treatment options, including more frequent hemodialysis when medically justified.
  • The benefits of more frequent hemodialysis are widely recognized. The slower filtration rates used in more frequent hemodialysis provide a gentler treatment and are associated with lower mortality rates and reduced cardiovascular-related hospitalizations.
  • Improved recovery time
  • Improved fluid management
  • Less stress on the heart
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Reduction in antihypertensive medications
  • Improves health-related quality of life
  • Overall ease and convenience

Patient Care Plan Includes:

  • Centralized Admissions Process
  • Dialysis equipment, medications and supplies
  • Multidisciplinary Care Team
  • Nephrology Specialist follow up as needed
  • Certified Patient Care Technicians
  • Renal Dietitians
  • Renal Social Workers
  • Rehabilitation Therapies