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Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Services

We provide relief to individuals suffering from chronic lung and airway diseases.

Respiratory Therapy

Our Medical team directs our respiratory and nursing team to ensure specialized care and improve residents' quality of life. Pulmonary residents are closely monitored 24 hours a day to ensure optimal airway management.

Respiratory Therapy, otherwise known as pulmonology, is a sub-specialty of internal medicine that deals with a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with conditions affecting the lungs and respiration or breathing.

The focus of respiratory care is to provide relief to individuals suffering from chronic lung and airway diseases.

We provide specialized care for patients requiring oxygen through BPAP, CPAP and other modalities. CPAP stands for Constant Positive Airway Pressure; in other words, the pressure never varies. BPAP, or BiPAP, Bi meaning two, has two different pressures.

Tracheostomy Care

A tracheostomy is an opening through the neck and into the trachea that opens the airway and aides breathing. Depending on the patient’s condition – Tracheostomys may be temporary or permanently. Oak Manor, we maintain the very best outcomes for patients in need of Tracheostomy Care. Some conditions include lung disorders, neurological problems, or infections, injury, edema, or pulmonary.

Under the guidance of a Medical Director, our skilled team is always on hand to ensure every resident’s comfort and safety.

We offer:

  • Advanced diagnostic approach
  • BIPAP/CPAP weaning
  • Bedside OT/PT for COPD Patients
  • Bedside Activities to meet patients’ needs
  • Latest therapies and innovations
  • Rehabilitation services to improve and maintain abilities
  • Focus on the whole patient and quality of life
  • Encourage independence and retrain on daily life activities